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Une pièce de Jodi, YTCT (Folksomy)

Posté : mer. 14 oct. 2015 15:58
par h.jolly
In “YTCT (Folksomy),” JODI edits and manipulates a series of YouTube videos of people violating technology, exhibiting them in a quadrant display. Kids and adults stab glowing desktop screens, throw laptops against houses, ax them into pieces and set once-valuable software and hardware on fire. Males are responsible for most of the destruction, sometimes even beating each other with keyboards. It’s interesting to note that when females do appear, they tend to violate their machines by dominating them in sexually suggestive ways. One woman lifts her skirt and sits on top of her computer. Another steps on her cell phone gently with gold high-heeled sandals and polished toenails, another does so assertively with sparkling silver stripper heels. Yet another does serious damage with the spike heels of her thigh-high boots.

Re: Une pièce de Jodi, YTCT (Folksomy)

Posté : mer. 14 oct. 2015 16:33
par a.pedrono